The Supreme Team
Welcome to Supreme Club Tours where on a nightly basis we take you on club tour/club crawl to 3 or 4 of the hottest clubs in Las Vegas. Come party with us and you will receive a true V.I.P experience. Enjoy walking right into the club, no waiting in those dreadfully long thirty minutes to an hour long lines. We even provide drink specials early on in the night in order to get the party started! It does not matter if you're by yourself, with a group of friends, with your lover, or your grandparents, the SUPREME Team guarantees you a night to remember. Our #1 goal is to make sure each SUPREME guest has such a great time that they want to come back on our tour and recommend us to everyone they know. We take pride in mingling with our guests and building new friendships. The Supreme team will provide you with your very own Professional host who will guide you past those notorious long club lines right into the hottest clubs in Vegas, while everybody else watches in envy. All you have to do is come out to have a great time and we will handle the rest.So come party with the Supreme Team, what are you waiting for.

The Team

Forrest is a self motivated entrepreneur who has embarked in a magnitude of different businesses throughout his life. He used to run and operate a highly successful party bus company for many years always bringing customers a reliable service as his number one goal is to make sure customers are comfortable that way they can focus on just having a great time.

Karl Watts is a entrepreneur, networker who loves to party. He has built a solid connection with all the clubs in Las Vegas, celebrities, and influential people from all around the world . He takes life to the next level but most importantly he takes pride in showing the people around him the time of their lives.

The Company

The team decided to start up SUPREME Club Tours because they wanted to provide people from all across the world a means of partying that allows them to experience Las Vegas in an exciting and unique way. They also wanted to provide SUPREME guests a chance to enjoy the hottest clubs in Vegas in order for them to have a true Vegas experience. By bringing SUPREME guests to clubs that are the hottest venues in Las Vegas, SUPREME guests can have full confidence that they will have vibrant hosts that love to have a great time creating a positive and enjoyable vibe for everyone. “Think of your wildest Las Vegas dream, who better to do it with than the SUPREME team.”