1. What is the Dress code?

Supreme Club Tours Recommends that you dress to impress. For men this means nice slacks/dress pants, Nice jeans, Collared shirt, and dress shoes. Absolutely no T-shirts, Jerseys, hats, ripped pants, shorts, running shoes, sneakers, and shoes must be enclosed.
For women we recommend cocktail dress and heals or flats. No flip flops, running shoes, sneakers, or T-shirts.
The venues that we visit reserve the right to deny entry due to not complying with the dress code.

2. How do we get from venue to venue

We will be walking from venue to venue. The walks to each venue will be short no longer than 10 mins max. Do not worry about getting lost or separated from the group.
There will be multiple host guiding the group.If you do happen to get lost. Call your main host and we will let you know where we are.

3.Where does tour start/What time does tour start?

You will be sent a confirmation email including all the information about starting time and location

4.When does tour end?

Typically the tour will end around 1, when we walk into the last club.

5. How do we know when to leave club

Before you enter the club your tour hosts will give you a time you need to exit.

6.Can I join the tour later?

Yes you can join the tour at the later time. If you know your going be an hour late call the office and let us know in advance and in most circumstances we can make some kind of accommodation.

7. Can we go back to clubs we went to earlier in the night?

Yes, you can back to any of the venues we visited earlier in the night. You just need to get a re-entry stamp from the venue on your way out.

8.What identification do I need?

For entry into clubs you will need a valid, non expired U.S driver license or Passport

9. Will I need to show Id at all venues?

You will need to show your I.D. at all individual venues.

10. If I join the tour alone will it be awkward?

No not all, it will not be awkward if you come alone. Supreme clubs tour is great place to meet new people, it's a social event.

11. If I miss tour can I reschedule?

Yes, if you can not make the tour for any reason just call the office and you can reschedule for any future tour.

12. Should I tip my host?

Your v.i.p host works in the service industry which means they make their living off of tips. If your host shows you good time and provides you with excellent service it would be highly appreciated if you did take care of him/her

13. Do I have to print my ticket off

No, you do not have to bring a ticket or anything. Just arrive and let the host know your full name.

14.If I can not make tour, can I get a refund

You do not get a refund, but we do allow you to reschedule a tour date no charge